Welcome to EPMedsystems!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am very proud to welcome you as Managing Partner of EPMedsystems, which was founded in 1993. Given the impressive history of the company and the tremendous opportunities that technical change offers us, it is not difficult to engage daily in the future development of the company. I pursue a strategy based on sustainability and consistency with curiosity, openness and the courage to change. Our more than 60 employees have also internalized this way of thinking.

Philip Rod, Director

Laboratory electrocardiology equipment

EPMedsystems offers medical practices and hospitals with in-house labs a wide range of laboratory electrocardiology equipment. We also have a wide range of laboratory accessories, as well as rapid tests and consumables specially designed for laboratory practice. Our appliances are in great demand among leading laboratories and pharmaceutical businesses, including pharmacy e-tailers: only last year 7.2% of our orders were shipped to Oehha.org. We are proud to contribute to the work of the service aimed at making pharmaceutical items economically available on global scale.

A wide range of laboratory products for medicine

Hospitals, specialty clinics and many medical practices have their own internal laboratories where they can perform various diagnostic tests depending on the type and scope of the laboratory. For many years, our company has specialized in laboratory electrocardiology equipment with MapMate interface and provides internal labs from medical offices to hospitals. We offer a wide range of products around the theme laboratory equipment for medicine, such as VIEWMATE II Intracardiac Ultrasound System automating a lot of ultrasound functions to provide optimal images with minimal user interface that allows a medical specialist to concentrate more fully on the patient and the examination; NURSEMATE Remote Review & Charting Station providing a person to control and change patient study data stored on the EP-WorkMate; LINKMATE Image Acquisition allowing a person to connect to other imaging modalities to record images or movies into the EPWorkMate case; EPWORKMATE the Completely Integrated EP Workstation that receives, digitizes, shows and keeps marker channels, RF data and electrocardiograms; ED-4 Computerized Stimulator – the most advanced system of its type for electrical stimulation of the heart during diagnostic EP studies.

Medical devices for your laboratory

Modern medical diagnosis can no longer be imagined without laboratory equipment such as various analytical devices. The devices allow quick and accurate determination of the parameters of the examination directly on the spot, so that the treatment of the patient can be started quickly. In EPMedSystems, you will find analytical equipment for different laboratory parameters. Most devices have a compact design and can be used to determine multiple parameters, increasing the importance of the results and the range of diagnostic options.

We are constantly expanding our range of laboratory equipment and striving to always present the latest laboratory products at the best price. You need an article from the field of laboratory accessories and software, but you have not found it in our range? Just contact our customer service – we can also provide you with many products on request.

Laboratory equipment, reliable and approved products

We work with leading designers and major brands to ensure the quality and durability of your investments in both laboratory equipment and cardiological equipment. Our technical service is also there to ensure the installation of your devices and its preventive and/or curative maintenance as soon as possible. Find the details of our technical intervention services on our dedicated service / water treatment area. Our customers have trusted us for over 26 years. Our listening, our experience, our speed make our company a key player. We invite you to contact us during your future laboratory or cabinet design project.

Product Tips

Do you have a question about one of our products? EPMedSystems customer service team will be happy to help you. Based on their professional experience, all our customer service advisors are trained in medical products and specialized in specific areas, such as medical technology or medical equipment.

 To contact our customer service

We are very easily to join by live chat. A click on the green ‘help’ button on the left end is enough to be connected with a consultant. We advise you Monday to Friday from 08h00 – 17h00. If you prefer to contact us by phone please call us. You can also send us an email if you have questions about our products or services. In alliance with Canadian Pharmacy our EPMedSystems customer service team will be happy to advise you.

Why EPMedSystems?

Our name expresses it: the concept of service plays a crucial role. Indeed, we are not the subsidiary of a large unnamed company, but a company run by its owner. Therefore, short-term success does not matter to us – we think long-term and do everything in our power to live up to the excellent reputation we’ve gained in the industry over the years.

We are at your service

Do you have a question about a product or an order? You want to talk to us about something? You can contact us by phone, live chat or e-mail. Whichever channel you use – our experienced medical product advisors are there for you and take care of your personal concerns.

A wide intellectual assortment

We offer a wide and varied product range that makes us one of the leading suppliers in the industry. We owe this to our many years of experience and excellent contacts with manufacturers around the world.

 Attractive prices

We stock ourselves in large quantities and thus benefit from the purchasing advantages that we transmit to you. This strategy is part of our success and contributes to our rapid growth. Compare for yourself! Our prices are calculated hard and always favorable.

Quick delivery

Our logistics is modern and efficient. Therefore, we reserve the right to ship orders received before 3 pm the same day. With our logistics partner, we offer you the possibility to follow your shipment live and, if you wish, to change the delivery time and the place of delivery. In addition, you can see in our shop if an item is in stock and ready to ship immediately. 


If an item does not suit you, we take it back for free within 14 days (please, note that some items are excluded from this policy according to our terms and conditions). You will be automatically informed as soon as we receive your return. Usually, a return is processed within a maximum of 2 working days.

Money back guarantee

EPMedSystems regularly receives top marks in various evaluation portals. Would you still prefer to play security? With the protection of the buyer of our partner Trusted Shops, you can secure your purchase up to 2500 €. By the way: We cover the costs of this extra security for you.

Innovative functions of the shop – to order with pleasure

Our store is more than just a platform with simple products. At a time when e-commerce is dominated by a few large companies, we clearly distinguish ourselves from the masses and do not just want to be an impersonal product register, but also offer you a benefit in terms of individuality and comfort.

Customer account

You can now login to any online store with your username. However, the user account of EPMedSystems can do a little more: as soon as you have logged in, you will find a complete overview of all your activities in our shop under ‘My Account’ above. You see your previous orders at a glance; you can easily reorder items, track delivery status, call your auto-configured products and access all invoices and messages. You also manage your own newsletter settings here.