ViewMate® II Intracardiac Ultrasound System

ViewMate® II Intracardiac Ultrasound System
Intracardiac Ultrasound: Designed with the Interventional Cardiologist and EP Lab in mind
The new and improved ViewMate® II Intracardiac Ultrasound System consists of an advance ultrasound imaging console and the ViewFlex™ Intracardiac Ultrasound catheter. The system software automates many ultrasound functions to deliver optimal images with minimal user interface, allowing the clinician to concentrate more fully on the patient and the examination. The superb color flow imaging and intuitive user interface means the ViewMate® II not only offers the image quality needed for interventional procedures, but is also easy to learn and use. Additionally, the system is configured so that a user is able to add transesophageal imaging (TEE), transthorasic imaging (TTE) and dicom capabilities.

ViewMate® II features:
High resolution views of intracardiac structures from within the heart
Broadband Beamforming
Supercomputer signal processing
XRES – Extreme Resolution Technology
User friendly and intuitive on-screen menus and displays
Exclusive iSCAN intelligent optimization technology
Mobile and ergonomic system
Rotating control panel and monitor
Affordable one-piece ViewFlex™ ultrasound catheter
Digital image and file storage
Customize your documentation and archiving needs
Thumbnail review
DICOM connectivity
Upgradeable and fully featured Ultrasound Console
Linear, sector and TEE probes available
The ViewMate® II system gives clinical guidance that optimizes the clinical experience. Physicians have found the ViewMate® II with ViewFlex catheter to be valuable in visualizing intracardiac structures and other intracardiac devices during procedures such as:

Transseptal Catheterization
Pulmonary Vein Isolation
Complex Arrhythmia Ablation
Guidance during Septal Defect closure
Cardiac Synchrony Assessment & Therapy
And more…..
ViewMate® II’s Imaging Modes:
B-Mode – Used for observing anatomy and establishing areas of interest.
Spectral Doppler – Graphs direction and velocity of blood flow within the selected region of the B-Mode image.
M-Mode – Used to display a graphic representation of relative tissue position and reflectivity along a line of interest within the B-Mode display as a function of time.
Color Flow Mapping (CFM) – The CFM window displays an estimate of blood flow velocity and direction on a section of the B-Mode image.

ViewFlex Catheter
ViewFlex™ Catheter
Model Number VF-01
Diameter – 9 French

Requires a 10 French Introducer

Insertable Length – 110cm

Catheter Curve – Bidirectional

One hand steering operation

Sterile, flexible, single-use catheter

64-element linear phased array

Viewing Depth: Up to 16 cm with user selectable magnification

Neutral Position
Neutral position is obtained by aligning the white line on the catheter knob.

Flexing the Catheter

Flexed Position
Flexed position is obtained by turning the catheter knob clockwise.

Retro-flex Position
Retro-flexed position is obtained by turning the catheter knob counter clockwise.
The ViewMate® system is indicated for use in adult and adolescent pediatric patients to visualize cardiac structures and blood flow within the heart. Refer to the catheter instructions for use and the System instruction manual for complete instructions, indications for use, and contraindications.