Company profile – EPMedsystems

Since the company was founded in 1993, our products have been placed in hundreds of cath laboratories worldwide. Because we are completely dedicated to the field of cardiology we have no other products to dilute our attention or efforts. We are also publicly-held (NASDAQ: EPMD), so we have the resources to support operations, fund new product development, and promote long-term growth.

Comprised of technical, clinical, marketing, and financial specialists, our management team has extensive experience in the EP market. Our people understand your needs. We have spent years listening to users define which products are most important and then developed and refined systems characteristics to meet or exceed your expectations. Manufacturing Facility ISO 13485Certified

Users tell us that our systems have more features, still they are easy to learn and use. Our products incorporate new technical platforms and advanced state-of-the-art technology, yet they are designed for practical application in the EP lab, which is a perfect solution for the companies working in the customer sector – is a stark example of a business that uses our products for the ultimate benefits of its customers, testing and ensuring the quality of their supply. Our stimulators and recording systems, for example, can be as simple or as sophisticated as studies demand, and you are not forced to buy expensive features and upgrades that you do not need.

EPMedSystems is represented worldwide through a combination of a direct sales force and an international distribution network. EP MedSystems realizes the significance of offering shorter response times for European activities, and as a result offices have also been established in the UK and in France to logistically service the majority of the European’s customers needs.