EPWorkMate®: The Completely Integrated EP WorkStation

Practical, Powerful, And Easy To Use, The EP-WorkMate® System
Redefines The Standards For EP Recording Systems

Like other systems, the EP-WorkMate® System receives, digitizes, displays and stores marker channels, RF data and electrocardiograms. But, unlike others, the EP-WorkMate® System records up to 192 intracardiac channels– incorporates a fully integrated stimulator, offers a query function of an extensive database, serves as a platform for future technologies, and does all of this with the most responsive and easy-to-use software available.

The software includes:

Activation mapping
Holter window
Pace mapping tools
Ablation window
Mapping Window
Cine capture
Post acquisition processing
Stimulator control window
Extensive database with advanced query capability
Faxing capabilities
Realtime interval analysis
Extensive signal analysis tools
Microsoft® Word®
Full Featured Plus Speed and Efficiency
The software-based system was designed for and uses dual Xeon ® Processors which provides maximum speed. Additional new features can be added to the software as they become available. The EP-WorkMate® System handles the most complex EP studies with the same accelerated speed, efficiency and ease of use during more routine day to day cases.

Integrated Stimulator
The computerized and integrated Stimulator provides unmatched flexibility and control of stimulator functions. Color-coded and dedicated stimulator keys, as well as fully mouse-controlled, and touchscreen-controlled, give the user a choice of pre-programmed or custom protocols. These protocols can be terminated manually or automatically.

Visit the EP-4™ Stimulator page for additional information.

Realtime Interval Analysis
The EP-WorkMate® System has unique realtime analysis functions. The parameters that are defined for interval recognition are fully programmable and these user-defined selected intervals are displayed on the realtime monitor as either rate (bpm) or as cycle length (ms). In addition, these can also be displayed as a split screen with review and realtime on the same screen. Realtime analysis intervals include R-R, A-A, A-H, H-V, V-V, V-A, and pressures which can be displayed full time in both numeric values as well as in waveforms. These intervals are displayed on the selected channel as they occur. If, at any time, the user wishes to switch them off, one key stroke or mouse button press disables the realtime analysis.

Dual Monitors, Optional Slave Monitor Switching, Annotated Screens
Since the high resolution monitors of the EP-WorkMate® System function independently, it is possible to display realtime signals on one monitor and review, analyze and annotate previously recorded data on the other. Additional slave monitors can be added. Either notes or events can be added to the review screen and are automatically entered into the log. Once an annotation has been added, it can be dragged to any point in the review screen, allowing the user to associate the recorded signals with the appropriate annotation.

Ablation Generator Interface
The Ablation Interface is integrated into the EP- WorkMate® System to display ablation data from currently marketed RF and Cryo generators. With a single keystroke, a split window view displays ablation data. The user can choose up to three graphs to display among power, temperature, impedance, voltage and current eliminating the need for an additional computer and keyboard. When the ablation auto record feature is activated, ablation generator data is captured and entered automatically into the case log. The complete ablation report is printed at the conclusion of the case along with the procedure report. In addition, printouts of graphs for slides can be developed for training and presentation purposes.

Unique Storage And Retrieval Of Data In A True Database

A comprehensive database includes patient information, clinical diagnosis, medications, catheters, complications, measurements, procedures, ablation results, arrhythmia data, comments and a procedural notes report. All data, whether manually entered or automatically generated, is stored in a condensed format on the EP-WorkMate® System’s multi-gigabyte hard drive. Retrieval of this information is instantaneous and is automatically incorporated into a report. A seamless query function enables the retrieval of multiple database fields. For example, a query could be posed that retrieves the records of all patients who had an ablation performed, then further sorted to those with an accessory pathway, and sorted again by a specific anatomical location. Any combination of fields can be defined, sorted and retrieved. All ECG data is downloaded and stored on an optical disk or can be exported to the hospital server for simplified retrieval.

A Flexible Managable Log
Log entries can be selected, marked and filtered for easy review and printing. Different types of events are sorted by color so that locating and reviewing prior entries is swift and easy. An abbreviated log can be created for printing that includes only the entries marked

Full Report And Printout Functions With Fax Capabilities
A fully-automated, user-configurable report editor utilizes Microsoft® Word® software and is easily customized by the individual user. A built-in fax/modem allows the user to fax reports directly to the referring physician easily. This fax/modem has the secondary function of downloading software upgrades to the EP-WorkMate® System. Slides for clinical presentations and training can also be created in Windows® or Macintosh® formats.