Our Products

The new and improved ViewMate II® Intracardiac Ultrasound System consists of an advance ultrasound imaging console and the ViewFlex(TM) Intracardiac Ultrasound catheter. The system software automates many ultrasound functions to deliver optimal images with minimal user interface, allowing the clinician to concentrate more fully on the patient and the examination. The superb color flow imaging and intuitive user interface means the ViewMate® II not only offers the image quality needed for interventional procedures, but is also easy to learn and use.


The NurseMate™ product is an integrated review station for the EP-WorkMate® that allows a separate user to review and edit patient study data stored on the EP-WorkMate® and monitor patient data from the EP-WorkMate® during a patient study.


This upgrade to your EP-WorkMate® system will allows users to connect to multiple imaging modalities in order to record images or movies into the EP-WorkMate® case and patient record. Permits Clinicians to have easy access to procedure related images and have the images linked to the procedural electrograms.