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Software Release for the EP-WorkMate® Computerized Recording System

EP MedSystems announces the latest release of software for the EP-WorkMate Computerized Recording System. This new version of software features Frequency Mapping which is an advanced signal processing technique.

Latest information:

This new feature creates a frequency spectrum for recorded electrogram signals using a signal processing algorithm known as the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT).

The features of this new software module include:

Frequency spectrum conversion of all displayed signals on the Review screen
Dominant Frequency Mapping in the MAP window
Adjustable parameters for FFT filtering, resolution and range
Real-time FFT “Hunt” mode
3D Frequency mapping on the EP-WorkMate with RPM system
Electrophysiologists have desired tools like this to better understand Atrial Fibrillation. FFT also allows a clinician to tailor their approach to Atrial fibrillation depending on the driving factor of the particular patient’s arrhythmia.