EP-4™ Computerized Stimulator

The EP-4™ Programmable Computerized Stimulator is the most advanced system of its type for electrical stimulation of the heart during diagnostic EP studies. It uses state-of-art microprocessor technology, and its high speed processing capabilities enable system functions to be performed instantly and efficiently.


The EP-4™ Programmable Computerized Stimulator is available in two configurations; standalone or integrated to the EP-WorkMate®. The system incorporates a touchscreen display as well as a clearly marked color-coded stimulator keyboard. This touchscreen operation allows the user more freedom, ease of use, and versatility via the keyboard or the touchscreen. For example the user can either initiate or terminate pacing manually or by the preprogrammed automatic mode using either the keyboard or the touchscreen. As a standalone system it is compact and fully portable, and can serve as a standalone unit in the EP lab or can easily be moved to the CCU, OR or ER. In addition it is compatible with other EP lab systems. When integrated to the EP-WorkMate® the stimulator software is fully controlled by the EP-WorkMate® system via one keyboard, and as a result the system can offer additional software enhancements.


Currently the EP-4™ Programmable Computerized Stimulator is available in either a 2 or 4 channel version. Both versions deliver an enormous amount of flexibility to the user by supporting standard protocols and 10 custom protocols defined by the user and stored in memory. These protocols include SNRT’s, overdrive and arrhythmia induction. The EP-4™ parameters can be changed with a single keystroke or the related touchscreen button. This adds speed and convenience while storing protocols.