NurseMate™ Remote Review & Charting Station

Product Description:
The NurseMate™ product is an integrated review station for the EP-WorkMate® that allows a separate user to review and edit patient study data stored on the EP-WorkMate® and monitor patient data from the EP-WorkMate® during the patient study. The NurseMate™ System consists of:

Hardware Configuration:

Physiologic Vital Signs Monitor
Touch screen LCD
Pentium® Style Computer
Keyboard and Mouse Input Devices
LAN connection to the EP-WorkMate®
Interface Description
Real Time Surface ECG with Heart Rate indicator Electronic Monitoring – easily chart and monitor patient vital signs and procedure parameters remotely

Ablation Window
Charting Window
Review and Real Time ECG signals
Procedure Log
Patient Monitoring
Electronic Patient Window
Electronic Medications Window
Electronic Charting

Monitoring Vital Signs: Chart:
Pulse Rate
Respiration Rate
Non-Invasive Blood Pressure
End Tidal CO2
Patient Status
EP Patient Report
Study Events (VF, Cardioversion, MI, etc.)
Nurses’ Notes

Easy to navigate opening screen

User is able to customize colors of Database Screens.
Allows user to quickly identify particular screens for easier input. Screens can be color coded by each function that needs to complete.

Utilizes the robust EP-WorkMate Database.
Able to track all medications, dosage, log times
and quantities used during the procedure