LinkMate™ Image Acquisition

This upgrade to your EP-WorkMate® system will allow you to connect to other imaging modalities in order to record images or movies into the EP-WorkMate® case and patient record.

Increase Functionality
Linked Images

Clinician has easy access to images related to critical steps or signals during a procedure
Clinician can see catheter position side by side to intracardiac electrograms
Efficient tool to help clinician “get back” to a particular spot
User can easily retrieve cases on one system only. No need to turn on other systems to retrieve critical images
Creation of Training Materials/Presentations

Easy to create comprehensive slides detailing multiple aspects of an EP procedure occurring concurrently
Clinicians are able to easily demonstrate catheter location along with electrical signals
Easy for clinicians to review cases with all pertinent data in one place
Improved Documentation
Case Reports

Clinician is able to insert still images into final patient record
Great visual aid to send to referring patients on order for them to better understand their condition and treatment.